Business Profile


To be the brightest provider of connection devices and services and to serve with a caring touch.


To enable and enhance connection for people in Singapore and across Southeast Asia.


We believe that achieving the best outcomes for our stakeholders – including customers, partners and shareholders – involves in taking a principled approach to business. Therefore, we are committed to the following values:

  • Trust – We are reliable, honest and always deliver what we promise.
  • Simplicity – We strive to be clear and meaningful in all that we do.
  • Young at heart – We approach our work with a creative, open-minded and positive attitude.
  • Caring Touch – We treat our people, customers, partners and stakeholders with respect, kindness and sincerity.
  • Innovation – We innovate with solution/s when we face challenges and to run our business efficiently with productivity.

Polaris Ltd. (“Polaris”) is a Singapore-based holding company and is listed on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (“SGX-ST”). Polaris is active in the distribution and retail of smart mobile devices and lifestyle products in Southeast Asia, with extensive operations in Singapore.

The Group is organised into business units based on its products and services.

The distribution segment engages in the distribution of consumer electronics, mobile communication devices and accessories for leading brands.

The retail consumer electronics segment engages in the retail sale of IT and related products in Singapore. It offers a wide range of electronics products and services from reputable brand such as Apple and Dyson.

The corporate segment is involved in Group-level corporate services, treasury functions and investment in marketable securities. It is also involved in strategic investment and joint venture opportunities in emerging Southeast Asia markets to synergise and complement the Group’s existing offerings.

Board of Directors

Mr Ong Kok Wah Independent Non-Executive Director (Chairman)

Mr Masahiko Yabuki Independent Non-Executive Director

Mr Soennerstedt Carl Johan Pontus  Executive Director & CEO

Audit Committee

Mr Masahiko Yabuki Chairman

Mr Ong Kok Wah

Mr Soennerstedt Carl Johan Pontus

Remuneration Committee

Mr Ong Kok Wah Chairman

Mr Masahiko Yabuki

Mr Soennerstedt Carl Johan Pontus

Nominating Committee

Mr Ong Kok Wah Chairman

Mr Masahiko Yabuki

Mr Soennerstedt Carl Johan Pontus

Company Secretary

Shawn Chan Changyun

APIC Corporate Solutions Pte. Ltd. 

Registered Office

81 Ubi Avenue 4

#03-11 UB.One

Singapore 408830

Tel: +65 6309 9088

Fax: +65 6305 0489



Morgan Lewis Stamford LLC

10 Collyer Quay

#27-00 Ocean Financial Centre

Singapore 049315

Continuing Sponsor

Stamford Corporate Services Pte. Ltd.

10 Collyer Quay

#27-00 Ocean Financial Centre

Singapore 049315

Share Registrar

M&C Services Private Limited

112 Robinson Road


Singapore 068902


Moore Stephens LLP

10 Anson Road

#29-15 International Plaza

Singapore 079903

Partner-In-Charge: Willy Ng

Date of Appointment: 29 April 2016

Board Of Directors

Mr. Ong Kok Wah | Independent Non-Executive Director (Chairman)

Date of Appointment as Director: 20 May 2010

Date of last re-election: 27 April 2018

Board Committees served on: Member of Audit Committee since 5 February 2018, Chairman of Remuneration Committee since 5 February 2018 and Chairman of Nominating Committee since 5 February 2018

Mr. Ong was re-designated as an Independent Director on 12 August 2010. He was appointed as Chairman of the Board with effect from 1 March 2018.

Mr. Ong has over 47 years of working experience in the marine and offshore industries. He started his career in the Merchant Navy with Shell Eastern Fleet, Maple Hill Shipping and Guan Guan Shipping. He was with the Port Authority of Singapore (“PSA”) from 1968 to 1975 where his last position was Controller (Shipping). He joined Chuan Hup Holdings Limited Group as a Director from 1976 to October 2005. He was a Director with CH Offshore Ltd. (“CHO”) for the period from 1987 to 2010, during which he was appointed as CEO from 2004 to 2007.

Mr. Ong was a member of the American Bureau of Shipping’s Southeast Asia Technical Committee. He was a Council Member of the Singapore Shipping Association (“SSA”) since its inception in 1985 until 2007, where his last held position was Honorary Secretary. SSA has in its June 2008 annual general meeting bestowed an ‘Honorary Membership’ on Mr. Ong.  He was also a Director on the Board of the Shipowners’ Mutual Protection and Indemnity Association (Luxembourg) from 1993 to 2017 and was the Director of their Singapore registered insurance company.

Mr. Ong is the Independent Non-Executive Director of ICP Ltd. and holds directorships in several private companies in Singapore.

Mr. Ong attended Nautical Studies at Singapore Polytechnic. He holds a Second-mate (FG) certificate from the Ministry of Transport Singapore.

Mr. Masahiko Yabuki | Independent Non-Executive Director

Date of Appointment as Director: 5 February 2018

Date of Last Re-election: 27 April 2018

Board Committees served on: Chairman of Audit Committee since 5 February 2018, Member of Remuneration Committee since 5 February 2018 and Member of Nominating Committee since 5 February 2018

Mr. Yabuki has joined the Board of Directors of Polaris Ltd. On 5 Feb 2018, bringing with him 35 years of business development experience and contacts in the APAC telecommunications and technology spaces.

Since 2015, he has been CEO of MYNZ Co., Ltd., with a focus on consulting, business development and investments in Japan and Southeast Asia.

Between 2015 and 2017 he was also CEO & President of CloudMinds Japan K.K., a company connecting a broad ecosystem of robots and smart devices to Cloud AI.

Prior to his current position, Mr. Yabuki worked for SoftBank from 2004 to 2015. His roles in SoftBank included Senior Vice President of Strategic Business Development in the CEO office for Southeast Asian markets and member of the Vodafone Japan acquisition team. He was also part of the management team of SoftBank Mobile, whereby he led new business development, such as collaborations with Disney Mobile and other foreign partners. Concurrently he was also President of Mobile Planning Corp., a subsidiary of SoftBank focusing on mobile TV planning.

Earlier in his career Mr. Yabuki served as Director and Country Manager of UTStarcom Japan K.K. between 2001 and 2004. He was the first employee of UTStarcom in Japan and was given the mission to establish the company and business in the market. During his tenure, one of Mr. Yabuki’s key achievements was to secure business with SoftBank, through ADSL core equipment sales for the Yahoo! BB broadband service, digital access equipment, fiber transmission equipment and G-PON for FTTH project.

Mr. Yabuki began his career in Kanematsu Corporation, where he worked between 1982 and 2001. He was responsible for the business development of electric power and telecommunications projects in Asian countries. Towards the end of his career in Kanematsu Corporation, he was promoted to General Manager.

Mr. Yabuki holds a degree in Economics from Kobe University of Commerce.

Mr. Soennerstedt Carl Johan Pontus | Executive Director & CEO

Date of Appointment as Director: 5 May 2016

Date of Last Re-election: 28 April 2017

Board Committees served on: Member of Audit Committee since 5 May 2016, Member of Remuneration Committee since 5 February 2018 and Member of Nominating Committee since5 February 2018

With effect from 1 March 2018, Mr. Soennerstedt was re-designated as Executive Director and appointed as CEO, after serving two years as non-executive independent director and Chairman for the company.

Between 2014 to 2017, Mr. Soennerstedt set up and ran PT Bayon Management, a company engaged in internet consulting and investments in Indonesia. Engagements included online media, law, music and payments, as well as discovery and evaluation of investment targets.

Leading up to Bayon, Mr. Soennerstedt was CEO at PT Skybee Tbk, an Indonesian holding company with technology, telecommunications and media subsidiaries. He held liaison positions engaging with SoftBank and SoftBank Ventures Korea, supporting their investment efforts in Indonesia, and was on the investment committee of Indonesian incubator and VC Ideosource.

Between 2007 and 2012, Mr. Soennerstedt identified Indonesia as a key growth opportunity for Yahoo!, coordinated the company’s entry in to the market and then ran PT Yahoo Indonesia as Country Manager. Under Mr. Soennerstedt’s leadership, Yahoo! attracted great talent and became one of the most trafficked and monetized Internet destinations in Indonesia. Today the alumni can be found across the market as successful entrepreneurs and in leading roles in local and international companies.

Prior to Yahoo!, Mr. Soennerstedt spent eight years in the mobile phone industry in Asia. From 1999 to 2001 he managed Ericsson’s mobile phone business in Vietnam, as Director of Consumer Products. He then moved to Singapore with Sony Ericsson, first in a regional sales role covering Indonesia and then as head of business development for APAC EM. In this role Mr. Soennerstedt established as well as managed the business and operations in several markets, including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Vietnam. Under his management, these emerging markets transformed from being a marginal business to one turning over several hundred million dollars per year. Mr. Soennerstedt was recognized for his contributions to the company’s overall performance and growth by twice winning the company’s global best market unit performance award.

Mr. Soennerstedt served as a mine clearance diver in the Royal Swedish Navy. He holds a degree in International Economics from the American University of Paris.