* Notice: Laser Sword is an extension kit based on mBot Ranger, please buy mBot Ranger separately.

Go Hero! Pick up your Laser Sword. Let’s fight side by side!

Lightsaber is a decisive weapon in the world of Star Wars. Now just buy an expansion pack, and then you can transform your mBot Ranger into a Laser Sword of your own. You will take great pleasure in DIY through reproducing the lightsaber effects as shown in the film and improving your do-it-yourself ability.

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Three characteristics:

There are various preset cool light effects – lightsaber, varying-colour change sword, Auroral Sword, Rainbow Sword, Breath-taking Sword, Sound-control lamp, Optical control lamp and many other light effects

Support mBlock and Makeblock programming, so that you can define Laser Swords at free will.

Support four control modes including gravity sensor, sound control, light control and touch control, thus allowing you to play Laser Sword in endless ways.